The Key To The Kingdom Of Kerry

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Discover Killarney With Us

Killarney town is located in the exact middle of County Kerry, Ireland. It lies at the edge of the Killarney National Park, a spectacular area featuring fabulous lakes with lots of green islands, old forests and Ireland's tallest mountain range. Killarney Taxi & Limo invites you to a tour of all that Killarney has to offer.

Torc Waterfalls

Let's begin our tour around Killarney starting from the Torc Waterfalls in the Killarney National Park. These spectacular waterfalls were formed by mother nature over a million years ago and will not fail to leave an impression. Our next stop is at Muckross House, also in the Killarney National Park.

Muckross House and Gardens

This is a gorgeous Victorian residence at the shores of Lough Leane with the mountains of the McGillacuddy Reeks on the opposite side. Here we realise the fashion and splendour of Victorian times. Ross Castle is our next stop.

Ross Castle

Ross Castle is righteously a symbol of Killarney. Witness of medieval times, proud of its position, this 15th century castle is now a favourite place for young couples fallen in love. It really is a romantic spot. Traveling on through the colourfull Killarney towards Aghadoe Heights we pass jaunting cars and people speaking languages from all over the globe.

The panoramic point at Aghadoe Heights boasts a spectacular view over the Lakes of Killarney. From here we can see all the beauty: The Killarney National Park and its lakes, Ross Castle, the mountains of the McGillacuddy Reeks and lastly: a small, charming town that seems to have found a cosy nest. This is our tour of Killarney and we are delighted to invite you!

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Aghadoe Heights